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Monday, October 8, 2012

Craft Room Envy!!

So as you know I am in my very first craft show in 5 weeks!
I have completely taken over my entire house.
My poor hubby is so good to me and all my stuff is scattered in a
some what "organized manner" on my dining room table.

Here is the state of my dining room right now!

Lots of stuff and lots of projects nearing completion...well almost!

Anyone want to come over and help decorate wreaths!!?

My husband has told me several times that I should take over the basement
and turn our spare room into my craft room.  I LOVE the idea but I hate
thinking that I  will be all alone while my two favorite men are upstairs.

I may have to get over this feeling though if I do well in the near future with 
craft shows and turn my basement into crafting bliss!! 
While pondering this today I pinned a bunch of crafting spaces that made 
my heart skip a beat..check them out!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I would love a sewing station-all organized and ready to go!
Right now my sewing machine is in my closet.....I don't want to sound lazy
but getting it out everytime I want to use it gets old and this picture is dreamy!! 
sewing room/craft room     
Fabric Organizer from a CD rack.
Craft Closet
 Look at ALL the organization-lovely!
Who knew organizing craft supplies could be so fun and yummy to look at!!?
                    Pinned Image            

    Love this last idea of utilizing an old dresser for storage!
   Just add some fun paint to spruce it up!

The more I think about it and all the possibilites of having
"my own" space the more I like the idea!
What do you think!?



  1. You should totally take over the spare room! I am sure if you put a few chairs or a couch in the room your two boys would follow you down there!

  2. You are probably right!!
    I think this is something I will
    have to work on for sure!!!