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Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow Day Bliss

The joys of being a teacher are waking
up and getting the call that there is no school
and we have a SNOW DAY!! 
After my stressful day yesterday it was just what I needed 
to put the "pep" back into my step!!

I was lucky enough to get a snow day but poor
Andrew did not so I have been home all day
in my sweats with Pez, the fire going, coffee,
and Pandora playing in the background.
It is simply my slice of heaven today!

Storm Brew, the moment when you see the snow swirling and twirling around outside, your hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee, grateful to be warm and indoors. Feeding small, fat wild birds, cooked rice as I have run out of bird seed. This serves as bird TV for my cat Sparky. What my #Coffee says to me brew up some love in a cup stay warm and enjoy. Cheers.

I got to put Andrew on the bus this morning 
which is rare so that started my day off right!

He loves riding in the front seat up the driveway and being able
to be in control of the radio!!

I have been getting some stuff done around the house today
and squeezing in a few new wreaths that I will be 
listing on Etsy later today!

Here is a sneak peek.

Love this color combination of pink, yellow, and blue!

Hello gorgeous.....simple and classy.

This wreath has to be one of my favorites.
It will be hard to part with this one but I know
someone will love it as much as I do!!

Make sure and stop by my Etsy shop later tonight and
check out some of the new stuff!

Well I am going to go enjoy my last 2 hours of quiet time
before Andrew gets home from school and I think
I am even going to enjoy a bowl of Coco Puffs
for lunch!!

I hope everyone is staying warm and is 
having a good Friday!! 

Have a good weekend!

Stephanie ;)

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