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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wrapping Up Our Weekend

Wrapping up our weekend short and sweet so
I can hop on the couch with a cup of tea, strawberry shortcake,
and Kev to watch some of the Super Bowl.
Our weekend was good very productive
 and we had a lot of time well spent with friends and family!

On Friday I had to get some more products
together to drop off at Kelly's Korners.
It is nice adding something new-stop by and check it out
if you live in the area!

On Saturday we were pretty much snowed in again
so I had a lot of time to clean and organize some of my stuff.
My yarn basket is finally organized and I was able to 
complete three more scarves.

 I then went straight to Andrew's room and threw away
three bags of is amazing how
much stuff kids accumulate.
He was not happy with me but oh well his
room looks so much better now.

Sunday morning we woke up to of course more snow..
but the sun was trying to come out!!
I am in need of some sunshine and cannot wait till Spring.

I also woke up to a nasty cold so nothing is better
then Blueberry Tea when I am feeling under the weather.

The gang was all here watching cartoons with Andrew!
He is OBSESSED with Super Mario these days.

Sunday afternoon my sister and I had a 60th birthday dinner for 
my parents.  Here are some snap funny is it that
you cannot get everyone to look at the camera at once!!

Try #1.
Not sure what my hubby and brother-in-law are doing?!
But my sister and I managed to look straight at the camera this time!!

Try #2
Wow....we are special!!
At least we tried!

 My mom and dad both enjoyed spending time with everyone
and it was nice getting together! We have a BIG family and I
wish we could see each other more often. 
I am so blessed to have an amazing family!

Well I hope everyone had a nice weekend and are gearing up
for another week.  Happy Sunday!

Stephanie ;)

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  1. Sunday was so wonderful! It ends way too early - we need to start seeing everyone more often! I gotta get a copy of this last picture of us!