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Monday, February 18, 2013

Few Scenes From The Weekend

It has been an uneventful weekend and I did
not have my camera handy mainly because I have been sick
and still am feeling like the funk.

Thankfully today is President's Day and
we are off of school so I have a bonus day to get back on my feet.

Today is my moms birthday too!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!
We Love you!!

I was suppose to have my parents over for dinner tonight
but since I am sick we are just doing pie and coffee tonight!

Friday afternoon I had to go to a training and froze all day
sitting listening to the speaker--I came home coughing and sneezing
and it went downhill from there.

Friday night however I did paint,distress and decorate some new picture 
frames for my upcoming shows!! They are turning out really cute
and I have a feeling they are going to be a hit!!

Here is one of the new picture frames!

My poor dining room table is beginning to get filled
up again with a lot of goodies!! I am so excited about all
the new stuff I have been making for Spring!!

Saturday night we had three visitors roaming around 
our was hard getting a good picture
of them.

Lots and lots of blueberry tea drinking has been going on.
I miss my coffee but when I am sick coffee is not
even on my radar.

My sidekick this weekend has been Pez!
She has been sleeping with me on the couch 
and not leaving my side-gotta love their loyalty!!

The sun was out all day Sunday and I missed it.
Kev told me it was deceiving though because it was
still so cold outside but I got to enjoy it while
laying on the couch.

 And more a fun cup with a fun straw!

I hope you had a better weekend then we did.
I am HOPING now that Andrew and Kev both
don't catch my bug.

It is a brand new week and I have my very first 
HOMESPUN house party this upcoming weekend!!

Happy Monday!

Stephanie ;)

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