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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Starting To Feel Normal

Well the verdict is in.
I broke down and went to the doctors today
and I am battling an upper respiratory infection and a
sinus infection-whoot whoot now I know why I have
been feeling like absolute junk.
The good thing is I was given some powerful meds
to help clear everything up faster-AMEN for good meds!!

Here is the bummer though....I guess this is just
how mommyhood goes...I am starting to feel like
myself and now Andrew seems to be catching the bug.

I tell ya if it isn't one thing it is another.

Being cooped up on the couch for days I have
realized that I am ready for Spring and Summer.

I am dreaming about : 
- the days getting longer and the temperature rising!
 -putting on our mud boots and walking around the yard and going on adventures!!
-hanging out on the deck and drinking coffee!
-sitting on my mother-in-laws back deck and rocking on her rocking chairs and enjoying each others company.
- cousin play dates in our back yard!
- fishing in the pond
-t-ball season :)
-catching some rays while reading a good book
-campfires and SMORES!!
-becoming an Auntie AGAIN!!!
-swimming in the pool

The list can go on and one cause I am a SUMMERTIME GIRL!!

What are you dreaming about these days!!?

Just thought I would pop in a few pictures that
spread the Summertime joy!!


I think if you live in Northeast Ohio a lot of people might
feel this way too!!



Sunflowers are the best!
I want to try and grow GIANT ones this year!!


Loving these mud boots-thinking I need to track down
a bright yellow pair for myself this Spring and the door mat
is super happy too!!

love the chairs

Eating outside...we do a lot of this in the Spring and Summer too!!
Can't wait...can't wait...can't wait!!

I am so itching for the warmer weather 
to arrive-how about you?  
Are you looking forward to Spring and Summer!?

Have a good night I am off to take my second round of meds!!

Stephanie ;)


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better but sad that Andrew is starting the feel bad. I can't wait for the warmer weather..this just got me excited for spring! By the way that bag you received is adorable!

  2. You guys will have lots of visitors this summer with the new baby!!!!