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Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Easter Weekend.

How was your Easter!?
We had a good Easter!
My sister was in town for the weekend and
it was nice to see her and her "growing belly!'
We did some baby shower shopping and favor making.

Check this out....
the sun popped out over the weekend!
It was a welcoming sight!

I found Zuchinni just chilling in the sunlight on my car!
He is a sunbather!!


I received new books that I bought from
Amazon so that put a smile on my face too!!
Gotta love Amazon and buying their "so-called"
used is really the way to go!

 We did the traditional dying of Easter eggs!
Always a good time!

Andrew got this little area all ready for 
the Easter bunny!  He laid out a bowl of carrots, 
the Easter eggs we dyed and his basket!

Kev and I waited till the last possible minute to stuff
Easter eggs but we got it done!

Pez was beside herself with all the chocolate.
Earlier last week she actually got into my Easter
stash and ate an entire chocolate Easter bunny.
I was worried about her but it seemed to not effect her.

We got Andrew a bike this year he was excited.
I am hoping the weather warms up a bit so 
he can practice riding up and down our drive way.

We also got him a butterfly habitat....he is really into Science
and actually asked for one!  He will get a kick out of it.

The holidays are fun when the kids "believe".......
don't want him to stop "believing".

My mom brought him over a chocolate mustache since
the kid is obsessed with Super Mario!!

We had dinner at my sister-in-laws house
and it was delicious!! Her house was super cute and
all decked out for Spring/Easter!!  
Trying to get a picture of all four kids is tricky but we managed.

My niece, Charlotte Faith....LOVE!
She is so easy going and I had to grab a few
snapshots of her in her Easter outfit.

 Then it was time for the Easter Egg hunt.

Living in Northeast  Ohio our Easter Egg Hunt had
to be indoors due to rain but the kids could
care less they were focused on finding those eggs!!

I hope you had a good Easter too!!

Steph ;)

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