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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Good Wednesday morning...the sun is shining here
and there is HOPE for warmer temps by the end of the week!!
Andrew and I are going to meet Kev for lunch and to do some shopping
around downtown Willoughby..I LOVE SPRING BREAK!!

Really random thoughts today....but what book are you reading lately!?
I am almost done with my book and I need some recommendations on
my next book!!

Currently I am reading this.....

This book is the last of one of her trilogy's and I almost
don't want to finish it because I hate to see it end.  Nora Roberts is one of my favorite
authors and her books just capture me and leave me wanting more!!
As soon as I finish it I need to pass it along to my sister-in-law she has been
waiting patiently!!

My love of all things written by Nora started with this series.
I HIGHLY recommend is great!!

I do want to pick up this book next.
It looks amazing and I follow this blog so
I would like to help support her journey!
From all the fellow bloggers that wrote about
this book it seems amazing.

Have you had the chance to read this book!?

Well I am going to get Andrew ready to go and we are going to
head out.  I hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday and does
something they love today!!

Steph ;)

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