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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Recap 2!!

Our weekend was filled with fun and excitement and we are currently recovering!

Friday night it started off with a sleep over for Andrew and Katie-
it is funny listening to them gab away when they think you are not listening!!

Saturday morning we got up early and started getting ready for Kev's
company clambake which was held at our house.  

We were busy-busy-busy.

Kev and I in our clambake t-shirts!!

 The tent was all ready for the guests to arrive!
We had amazing weather this year, full of sunshine!

Kev enlisted some helpers to help us out-my cousin Joe,
my brother-in-law Dan, and I LUCKED out because
my mother-in-law had the day off and helped me out immensely!!
Everyone worked together to pull this one off but we did it!

All the entire dinner besides the clams were cooked on an open
fire and it turned out amazingly good.  Here is Kev taking his turn rotating the chickens!
The chickens were from my sister-in-laws farm and were delicious!

Here is a picture of all the food ready to be taken off the fire and 
ready to be eaten.

The clams were done all 45 dozens of them and they all got 
eaten believe it or not.  
We only had 2 dozens left.

Sunday morning we woke up exhausted but pushed forward to head to 
my sister's for her birthday dinner! 
Andrew got right to work making a birthday card for, Auntie Lissa!

Front of my sister's house all decked out for Fall!
Super Cute Lis!!

I also admired her new front wreath she had hung!
I think we could go into business together for sure!

My sister sent my home with this bag full of fabric and felt rolled
flowers that she was happy enough to make me for all the
wreaths I need to get decorated for the craft show.

I only have 6 weeks to get ready for the show and
major crafting will be happening!!

Finally in the mail I received 2 new books and 2 new magazines-
my heart did a little "pitter patter" when I saw my 2 new books!!

Looks like after Andrew goes to sleep tonight 
have some good reading to start!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready for a brand new week!

Did anyone do anything exciting!?


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