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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So this is where I spend most of my day teaching 22 First graders in room 106A!
We have been in school now for 24 days but who is counting!!!!

I have been teaching now for the past 10 years and sometimes I think to myself 
how did I ever get into this profession and on  other days I could not 
see myself doing anything else.
It is amazing how much you grow to love the kids you teach.  

This year I have a really good class and they make my job that much more rewarding.
I can say that each day I walk into my classroom with a list of objectives that I must 
teach that particular day but in the end sometime's my students are my teachers 
and I learn so much from them.

Welcome To My Classroom
Take A Look Around!!!!

View from the back of my room---
it is actually pretty clean right now too!

One side of my classroom-
I think I am going to put their desks back into groups this
set-up takes up way to much space.

This is our back carpet area where we spend a lot of time!

Other side of my room.

Owls in my classroom too!!
I just couldn't pass these guys up!!

The kids colored owls too!!
Why not!!?

Command Center=My desk!!

My Class all 22 smiling faces ready to go home for the day!!

Tomorrow night we have Open House!!

Anyone out there a First grade teacher like myself, if so
how is your year going!?

Stephanie :)

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