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Monday, September 10, 2012

When It Rains It Pours....

I am not sure why there is a "black cloud" over me and my family lately but I am HOPING the SUNSHINE today has lifted it away because this morning was the worst start to a new week.  

This morning as I was about to get to work  and I got in a car accident-not fun. Now my car is at the auto body and I am driving a rental that looks like a red Easter egg-but Andrew thinks it looks pretty cool! I am ready to move forward and have only HAPPY things take place from now on!!!

My day looked like this once I got home-calling insurance agencies a trying to begin
the claim process....more to come of this for sure in the next few days but the sooner it is all
figured out the better!

The SUN- I LOVE THE SUN and see it is pushing the black cloud away!!!

I have a fun project planned with this stuff and some book pages!

Hoping to squeeze in some nail painting and magazine reading with a good cup of 
coffee later tonight!

And probably some crocheting (since it relaxes me) while watching the 
new season of The Voice with Kev.

I hope everyone else had a better Monday then I did.
I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow with a fresh start and a "pep in my step"!!

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