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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's 9 o'clock at night and my house is dark and quiet because both my peanut and hubby are in bed not feeling well.  Why is that back-to-school time brings sickness too?  So maybe some pics to lighten the mood!

 Our skies were not this bright today...maybe tomorrow!?

This kid truly has made me a better person!

First Day of Kindergarten---I was a total mess but he couldn't
be more excited!

New magazines greeting me in the mail!

Fabric waiting to be used to make flowers & wreaths!

You just never know where  you will find Angry Birds around here!

Yes, I bought Christmas ornaments---but to my defense I needed them
to make some Christmas wreaths!

Got to love a husband that builds you a wreath stand! Thanks K!


  1. Poor boys :( at least you had a quiet evening! Love all the fabric you have!

  2. I hope they BOTH feel better soon.
    If you can believe this I need more fabric!