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Friday, November 2, 2012


We made it to Finish Line Friday!!
It has been a strange week needless
to say without having power and
not being at work due to all
the power outages.

Tonight I have a special night
with Andrew at his school.  It
is Mother-Son Night and we
are both excited about going and 
having some fun just the two of us!

This kid is the ABSOLUTE BEST THING that
ever happend to me!!!!!

 I've been listening to a lot of Pandora today
working around the house getting some stuff done.

Did anyone watch the CMA's last night!?
What did you think?
I love The Band Perry and 
Carrie Underwood absolutely rocked! 
 What is with all the country singers rockin 
out baseball caps now?

Mod Podge complete FAQ and videos - all your questions answered!

 Stumbled upon this picture earlier today
 and it made me chuckle!! 
 I do enjoy crafting.

I have been working on this wreath--amazing
what you can do with coffee filters!! 
Getting a few of these ready for the craft show.

Netflix brought a new movie....The Vow!!!
I think after my date with Andrew tonight
I can have a movie date on the 
couch with Kev to watch it.  
I read the book so I hope the movie
lives up to the book.  We shall see!?

Have a good Friday!!!


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