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Monday, November 5, 2012

Fabric Flower Pins

Tonight I put together a few quick and easy Fabric Flower Pins
for all my special workers for this upcoming craft show!
I thought it would add a nice touch!!

They turned out super cute and they did not 
take much time at all.

Supplies Needed:
Fabric-2 different styles
1 sheet of neutral colored felt
Safety Pins
Glue Sticks & Glue Gun

1.  Gather all your materials.

2.  Cut strips of fabric about 6-9 inches long.
For larger flowers it will take 2 to 3 pieces of fabric.
For smaller flowers you will only need 1 piece of cut fabric.

3.  Fold piece of fabric in half (horizontally) 
then begin to twist the fabric.  
The tighter you twist the tighter your flowers
will turn out.  It takes some practice to figure 
out how you want your flowers to look.

4.  Wrap twisted fabric around in a circular motion--
as you go along apply little dots of hot glue so that the fabric
sticks to one another.  

5.  Keep twisting fabric  around in a circular motion!
Once you are done with all the fabric hot glue the end so that it is
smooth and lays flat alongside the flowers side.

6.  Take completed flower and hot glue it down onto
a piece of felt.  Press down on flower to secure it tightly!

7.  Begin rolling second flower using the second type
of fabric.  This is a smaller flower and I only
used 1 strip of cut fabric.

8.  Once second flower is completed hot glue it on top of your
first fabric flower.  Again press down firmly to make sure 
they are secure to one another.

9.  I then added a button to the middle of the flower.

10. Finally  I added a small extra strip of felt to the back of the pin to 
help secure the safety pin.  I also added a thin strip of hot glue under the
safety pin to hold it in place.

Finished Fabric Flower Pins!!!

 They turned out cute and did not take long to make!
I cannot wait to see them on everyone at the show!!


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