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Sunday, November 11, 2012


It was a WONDERFUL weekend...
filled with family time and 
our very first craft show!

Friday Kev helped me pack everything up--and
off we went on our new adventure!

And guess what I was updated
to a new IPhone-I have to check out Instagram!!

Saturday morning I could not get coffee in me fast enough.
I actually stood at the counter waiting for it to brew...
then when it was ready I almost poured it into 
the sugar bowl---but I did not and
 I was able to enjoy one cup of coffee 
before I headed to the craft show!!

I like all three of these bags/containers!!
They all came with me to the show on
Saturday morning alongside a huge 
travel mug of coffee!

Highlight...being asked to participate
in an upcoming show!!! YAY for HOMESPUN!!

The morning after the show was Sunday and it
took me a while to re-cooperate.
Andrew was content building towers 
for the SMURFS!

And building a fort for himself!
He is such a good boy.

Then I found Zuchinni (our barn cat) taking
a peek inside!! I wonder what
he was thinking?

It was family craft time over breakfast on Sunday.
Andrew had a school project that needed completed.
He had to disguise a to no surprise he
wanted to disguise it as Super Mario!

He was proud of his turkey and the mustache he added!

If I could have joined Pez on the couch all day
catching some z's in the sun I would have!

Took a look at all my yarn waiting to be turned into scarves!!
Fun evening projects this week for sure.

We also had to take Andrew to get a pair
of wrestling shoes.  My little man is growing up...makes me sad.
He has joined Rec Wrestling-following in his
daddies footsteps!

My mom dropped off this sweet card.
She said she was proud of me and 
my accomplishment at the Craft Show and
those few words mean the WORLD TO ME.

Finally....getting some work done while the
house is quiet. I have another craft show in less
then a month!

I hope everyone else had an enjoyable
weekend too! Tomorrow I have a date 
with my little man-we are going to the movies and
I am looking forward to it!

Good Night!
Stephanie :)

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