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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Rewind!!

Well it is Sunday night and I feel like we accomplished 
A LOT over the weekend.  Tomorrow I am back to work-
our school has power and we are up and running again!  
I am ready to get back to our "normal"routine around here.

Our weekend started off with Andrew and I going 
to a Mother-Son event at his school!! 
It was funny he told me to paint my nails
rainbow colors so they looked good!! 
It did not happen!!

A few quick pictures with my date before we headed out!

We met up with my good friend Amy and her son
at the event and grabbed a quick picture with Skipper!!

The boys played their little hearts out and both earned a ton of tickets 
to turn in at the end of the night!!

Andrew had a good time and grabbed this cowboy hat with some of his tickets!

By the end of the night they were so sugared up and hyper they were crazy nutty!!

Saturday morning we woke up to some peeks 
of sunshine through the clouds.  
It was so nice to see even though it was very short lived.

Worked on some stuff for the craft show that is THIS WEEK!!
I am taking over the dining room again-sorry babe!!

As I was working Andrew was busily drawing a picture.
I love the he loves to use his imagination and be creative!

As I was cleaning I found Bat Man hanging around!

Saturday night we went out Trick-or-Treating.
Andrew was dressed as Super Mario.

He thought he was funny saying, "momma mia" over 
and over again gesturing his hand!! 
What an little Italian!

We met up with my sister-in-law and kids and off we went.
We came across this super cute Century Home 
and snapped a picture! 
I would move into this house in a heartbeat!
Look how cute it is and all the Fall 
decorations scattered around their yard.  
I love that people take time and put effort
into making their homes truly amazing!!

Then I stumbled upon this house.
I wanted to grab this entire baskets of pumpkins and
gourds but figured that was a bad idea-kidding!!!!!

Sunday was a full day of craft show prep and 
had a major overload meltdown.  
SORRY EVERYONE for stressing out and freaking out.
But then after a bowl of Kraft Mac and Cheese
 I was better and ready to check some things off my list.

I was able to price all my items and pack 
some of the stuff up.....time is ticking and I think
we are going to actually be ready...and I got my
major meltdown over today so we are 
all good now :)

Well I hope everyone else had a productive, good, relaxing, re-energizing weekend!

I am looking forward to a brand new week filled with
a new adventure this upcoming weekend.


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