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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Andrew's School Christmas Program

Andrew had his school Christmas program the other night
and all the kids did such a nice job singing!!
His music teacher was amazing she played almost all
the songs they sang with a guitar and the kids sang along..
I loved how the performance was done acoustically it
was a really nice touch!!

It was hard to get some good shots with 40 little
munchkins swaying back and forth-but I got a few.

I wonder what he is looking and grinning at!?
Maybe the pretty little girl!!!!?

He is singing so hard in this picture!
We actually heard him singing all the way back
to our seats-it was nice!

This kid absolutely melts my heart.

I love the action shots!!
They are so in the moment.
I believe this song was, On The House Top.


At the end of the show they were dressed as angels.
I love this picture of him holding up his star and
really enjoying the moment!

Being a mom is such a blessing and the little moments
like these mean so much more then words can explain.

After the show we had to pick him up in his classroom
and he wanted to show Poppa (my dad) all around
his classroom!

 I am glad my dad had the chance to see were Andrew is
all is nice to see them bond and 
enjoy each others company.  
At one point they were holding hands
as Andrew gave him the tour around his classroom.
I LOVE that Andrew is able to know and have a 
relationship with his grandparents.


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  1. This little peanut just melts all of our hearts! I love how he is singing his little heart out :)How about I teared up looking at the picture of him and it!!