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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Very Merry Christmas 2012

It is hard to believe that Christmas is already over.
I feel like it is a wedding.  
You plan and plan and then 
in a blink of an eye it is over!

We had a really good Christmas....
get ready for picture overload!!

Christmas Eve (day) we headed out
to Kev's Aunts and Uncles house...
his Aunt has begun a new tradition of taking
a group picture each year.
It is hard to get all 13 of us smiling and looking 
at the camera all at once....but we try!!

Here we are "The Talty" side!!

Christmas Eve Andrew was a shepherd at mass.
All the kids looked adorable and they all did
a really nice job during mass.

After mass on Christmas Eve we headed to my 
parents house for dinner. Andrew and I took a quick 
picture with my mom and dad.

I had to get a picture with my favorite two boys too!!

After dinner we went straight home to get ready for Santa!
Andrew and Kev sprinkled "reindeer food" 
all around the walkway.

Once Andrew was all nestled in bed we got busy putting 
all the presents under the tree. 
 "Eddie" our elf left a note behind for Andrew.

We made sure to eat the cookies that Andrew laid out
for wasn't a hard job!

Christmas morning he was ready to go!
What time did your family get up?
Kev was up at 5:00 am--he is nuts!
Andrew and I rolled out of bed at 6.

Pez received a new bone and spent a lot of time
looking for the perfect spot to hide it!

Andrew bought Kev a red Angry Bird and told him 
they could share it!!

This little boy must have been good from the amount of presents he received from everyone.  

I received some pretty cool stuff too!
Kev did a good job shopping this year and
I appreciate his "thinking outside the box"
this year!!

My mother-in-law bought me this new cookbook and Kev
bought me the other book....BOOTH books I LOVE!!

Later Christmas Day our house filled up with family!!

Present time again!!
My poor nephew was not happy with me this year.
I didn't go the toy route....instead I went with jammies, a book, and a puzzle for all of one point he said. "Auntie Steph didn't buy me a toy!!" but then
as the day went on he had the jammies on we bought him and all was right in his little world!!! He was cute!!

The guys didn't move too far from all the snacks this year!!

Dinner Time!!

My sister and brother-in-law drove up for the day!
She is expecting and has a "little baby bump!!"
We all hopped on the couch and took a quick pic!

More presents once Uncle Danny & Kristin arrived.
Andrew loves his globe!
Good idea Uncle Danny!

Once our house was empty Kev and I settled on the couch with some coffee!! Check it out a new coffee cup!! My mom
told me I may need a bigger cabinet to hold all of them!

As for today...well as I am typing up this blog post we are still in our jammies just having an easy going day.  I have already begun "detoxing" my house with Christmas decorations but left the tree till after the new year.  
As much as I like decorating for the holidays I enjoy
having my house "clutter free".

We are being hit by another Winter storm and the 
snow is just piling up.

Pez is relaxing by the fire.............

And Andrew has been busy playing with all of his new Christmas toys.

Tonight we have no plans besides a movie and popcorn
and I am looking forward to it!!

How was your Christmas!?

Stephanie ;)


  1. Santa was good to the little peanut! Can I get a copy of the picture of all of us? I love it!

  2. Yes I will get you a copy of the picture!!