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Friday, December 7, 2012

Around My House This Morning

I took today off to help
at Andrew's Santa Shop later today...
isn't it funny how you take the day off and
your day becomes jammed pack with things that 
need to get done!!

The morning started off with coffee!!!
Gotta have coffee it is a must!!
It is a coffee kind of a day the weather here
is dreary, rainy, and cold-yuck.

Andrew found Eddie today in
my owl filled with yarn!!

I was able to get Andrew on the bus today-
it is the little things that start your day off right!!

Andrew is excited that I will be working the Santa Shop 
today he has his money and his list of people he wants to 
buy he said he needs to shop for himself as well!!

Then I noticed in my mudroom that I really need
to start Christmas fluffing my house!!
After tomorrows craft show I will be a decorating
machine around here!!

As I am getting a few things checked off my to-do-list
I am listing the The Lumineers...I really like this band.

Tonight I have to set up for the craft show.
My last show of the season....I am sad...but 
hope to do well!! My dining room is filled with
new products and it puts a big smile on my face!!

Scarves with buttons....LOVE THEM!!!
If they all sell I will be making me one pronto!!!


Before I head out for the day I am putting the finishing 
touches on some stuff.....I could really
keep creating new stuff but I gotta cut my self off!!

Why are they so expensive though!?

I completed a new batch of yarn and twine
wrapped Christmas trees..they are super
cute in person!!


I finally decided where my Hoop Art wall is going 
to my bedroom!!! Here is one side of my bedroom
and it needs some color and some loving!!
Can't wait to start this project!!!!

Checking out Andrew's room this morning...and
thinking to myself "what can the kid possibly need for Christmas?"
I think we will be going through some old toys and donating them
before Santa arrives.

Well I am off to get a few errands ran before heading
to the Santa Shop!!! What are you doing today!?

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Stephanie ;)

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