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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Present Crafting

Last night Andrew and I got into
the Christmas spirit!!

While Kev was out Christmas shopping
we cranked Christmas music on Pandora and
 gathered all kind of  craft supplies and got busy!

There is something about craft supplies that make
me giddy....all the colors and the endless possibilities!!
I am the same way about new school supplies..
YES, I  am a total nerd but I am o.k. with that!!

I got everything all set up and Andrew was ready to go!

He hardly needed any direction and he did a nice job!! 
I like when HE makes presents for people.
Homemade stuff is so heartfelt.

I bought him Elmer's Glue Glitter Sticks and he
was in heaven!!  He added glittery dots to each ornament he
painted....and they really turned out cute!

He doesn't go far without Super Mario these days!

At this point he heard Jingle Bell Rock on the radio and
said, "let't take a break mom and dance!"

And the dancing began.....notice he has Super Mario!!
 He was singing at the top of his lungs and just having a great time. 
I even got in on the action but there are no pictures for evidence!!!!!

I think he danced around to about 3 songs and then I told
him he should take a break.

He was so happy and I am glad we had
an evening to be dorks together!!

I love being a mom and I love moments like these.

Happy Wednesday!!

Stephanie ;)

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