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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hoop Art Project In The Works!!!

Hoop art is something I have
been eyeing up for awhile now.
I want to create a wall in my house with
pops of color using embroidery hoops and fabric.

I have not yet selected the wall in my house yet so
I am unsure of how big or small the display will

actually be BUT I have started
gathering random fabrics that I cannot
wait to display!!

I have pinned quite a few pictures as inspiration
and thought I would share!!

Enjoy all their loveliness!!

Pinned Image

 I love this hoop art dispaly with the old school map.
I have some of these old maps hanging in my classroom
and think I need to put in a request for one-if they ever
take them down!!

Pinned Image

This hoop art display is in the Craft Weekend  House!!
Going to Meg's Craft Weekend is on my bucket list!!

Pinned Image

This t.v room/family room looks like such a happy place!!
I love how they mixed the larger and smaller hoops together!
I will have to keep that in mind when it is time to purchase some!!

Pinned Image

The possibilites are endless....I cannot wait!!!!
I bet it could get addicting!!?

Do you have a hoop art display in your house, and if so
how did you create yours!?

Once I get going full steam ahead with this
project I will definately share pictures!!!

Stephanie ;)



  1. I am really considering this for a wall in the nursery!!! I just don't know what to do...we will have to go shopping together!

  2. I saw your pin.......if you guys find out the babies gender it will be easy if not neutrals will work and then you cfan add to the wall later!!!