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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Bliss is Sunday night and I wish I 
could hit "rewind" and do it all again!!

Saturday HOMESPUN was in our
last show of the season.
We hit this craft show out of the park and I could 
not be happier with how well we did!!
 I  actually sold out of almost all of my stock.....crazy!!

It will be a nice break until the Spring shows and I 
may go through crafting with-drawls but I can tell
you this.... Kev and I are already brainstorming
products and it is going to be great!!

I took some pics from the show!!

***THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me
along the way----I am blessed to have such great friends
and family members********

My table.
I think I am going to be on the look out for some
cute fabric for my Spring shows!!!
A nice POP of color!!!

Sold a lot of chalkboards!!
They are so fun!!

 Oh my word the Book Page Christmas Trees and the 
Yarn & Twine wrapped trees flew off the table!!!

Saturday morning before heading to the show...
this was my breakfast!!! 
Ha...breakfast of champions=Fruit Loops!!

Saturday night I was exhausted from the show.
I sat with my two favorite men and watched Rudolph The Red
Nosed Reindeer and worked on a scarf for a friend.

Sunday morning we took it slow---
coffee, cartoons, crocheting and family time!!

My mother-in-law gave me this owl ornament last year-
I love it!! 
Maybe I can get another Mom T!!!?

Andrew and I did some Christmas decorating 
around the house! He got the biggest kick
out of filling this lantern with bulbs. They kept
spilling out and he would laugh hysterically---I 
on the other hand was getting frustrated but
at least he found the humor in it!!

This is not even all the bulbs we put in it..
it looks really pretty is person.

Next stop....our dining room.
Is it bad that I was actually glad this particular wreath
did not sell....I WANTED IT FOR MYSELF!!!

I love it and it is happy hanging in my house!!

 Thought I would write some holiday cheer on the chalkboard too!
This song has been stuck in my head since last night when we
 watched Rudolph!!

The boys and I went out to dinner tonight and to Target.
We checked off a lot more gifts off of our list....I am glad!!

We have been shopping a little here and there and it
has really cut my stress level down  a lot this year.

You are probably wondering what is up with the 
ginger stomach hurt when we got home
so I thought drinking my ginger ale out of a sparkly
holiday cup would be the perfect cure!!

Lastly tonight I put Kev to work hanging up a few things
in our mudroom.  Now with craft season slowing down 
I can "fluff" my house a bit and get some projects

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend with their
families!!! There are only 16 days left till Christmas
are you ready!!?


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