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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Wonderland!

Well it is official we live in a snow globe!
The snow has not stopped falling and it
is piling up quickly on us.

I will admit it is pretty and I am glad
I am on Christmas break because I don't
have to worry about driving in it....BUT it can stop
anytime now!!!

Here are some pictures around our Winter Wonderland!

The snowflakes are giant and so light and fluffy!
It is amazing the beauty it holds.

I have to remember to buy bird food...
or maybe Andrew and I can make some
bird feeders to hang from the trees!

We did that last year and found our cat Zuchinni
climbing the tree branches eating the birdseed rolled in 
peanut butter!

Kev has been busy plowing on his favorite girl "Eleanor!"
That is what we named his tractor and she is 
getting  put to good use this Winter!

Our back deck is completely buried in is just about to my waist now.  If the snow continues we may need to be dug out!!

 Andrew has been enjoying all the snow. He has been busy
getting some outside snow time! Today Kev and I are 
going to take him sled should be a good time!

Who said playgrounds are only for the Summer time!!

He is simply loving life!!

 Hit by a snowball....good job Kev!!

 Our front yard.

Andrew asked this morning if we were
going to see the sun soon!!

Our side yard.

And the snow keeps on falling!!!!

What is going on around your places!!?

Let it snow printable and banner.  This would look really good in white vinyl on the outside of a shadow box with fake snow on the inside.

This quote is perfect!!

Happy Sunday--
make it a good one!!

Stephanie ;)

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